SS vs Vega by TopFrag

Space Soldiers vs Vega (bo3)

CSGL Odds: 70/30
Personal odds: 55/45
Risk: 10/10
Our Bet: 300 vega (low) if they stay sub 35% by tomorrow morning
Recommended: low vega

Idk why but Vega is one of those teams that always seem to play either up or down to their opponents. Some days jR honestly looks like a top 3 awper in the CIS region, and other days that entire team looks tier 5 as fuck (usually when favourites). Space Soldiers, on the other hand, have been playing some great CS lately, with Xantares out of his slump and them looking like the powerhouses that they are. The thing about Vega is that they usually try a lot harder as underdogs than as favourites (because they actually throw tons of matches as favourites), which gives them pretty disrespect odds a lot of the times. This isn’t a very important match but it’s one where I can see Vega winning because if they play to their full potential they really aren’t that much worse than SS. Worth a bet on Vega here sub 35%


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